Our Team

Lucas & Jenna Kappers
Owners and Operators

Robert & Jake

To understand who we are,

      you first need to know how we started.

In 2016 we moved back to the family farm in Chatfield to help Lucas' parents at Kappers’ Big Red Barn.

We milked and did chores on the farm, fried curds at Thursdays Downtown, sold milk at the St. Paul Farmers Market, and launched a Twin Cities wholesale delivery route.

During this time it became apparent how much effort customers put in to shop local.
We saw an opportunity to make the connection between local shoppers and local farmers stronger and more convenient.

In 2018 we began planning our online home delivery service.
We partnered with a handful of other farmers that we had grown to know after working together for years at the market.

In 2019 our home delivery service launched as KBRB Home Delivery.

As our service grew, it became challenging being combined with Kappers’ Big Red Barn.
In 2022, our delivery service rebranded as Doorstep and became its own company.

While we no longer work on the farm, our values are still the same.
We are passionate about being a resource to help small businesses - especially farmers, and providing customers with convenient access to local producers.

By shopping through Doorstep you are
directly supporting 40+ small businesses.
We are so proud of that ♥

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